Them Hills!

I had the most amazing weekend of running and making new friends. Clare Steel, like me is part of the Project Trail for the women running magazine. Our 3rd participant Abbey, was sadly not able to make the weekend.

Clare lives with her husband Sam, on a farm in a part of the world that I can only describe as God’s country. It was simply stunning!

The weekend started with the Kingsway Parkrun, where I got a PB and 1st in age category. I’ve not yet checked to see if I was the only runner for my age category – probably was! For the time being I’ll enjoy the thrill it gave me when I read my result.

Moving swiftly on, Clare and I wanted to run 7-miles off-road on the Sunday. Phil, Clare’s brother joined us, who is super-fit!


As we left the farm, our first hill was brutal, my heart rate went from 65 to 203, which was a little scary.  Best stop and walk the hill I thought! As my heart rate settled, I was able to continue – thankfully the next part was relatively flat, but not for long. Just as I was settling into my rhythm, there was yet another hill to conquer.

Each hill we tackled with grit and determination, but there were times when I thought are they ever going to come to an end. Clare in the photo below is recovering from a steep climb.


Eventually those climbs up, were worth every drop of sweat. Even my tired, wobbly legs came alive. The views were absolutely spectacular.


So, what goes up, must come down. The runs down hill were fun and fast, it was a time to let go and enjoy the ride – now if only I could run like that on the flat!

We clocked up 7.5-miles and I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment of it. Yep it was challenging in places, but challenges are good, right? Stunning scenery, great company, what more could one ask for from a run.


Congratulations to Phil, who ran every single hill we encountered, how I don’t know!

Back to reality, I’m meeting up with the Z2H’s today for a gentle 3-mile road-run, and hopefully an ice-cream afterwards…

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