What a week of running!

Tuesday was a 4-mile run with David Hudson. We started off at Aspley Heath, weather was lovely. We were doing really well in not getting lost, until I realised we had run up a hill that looked very similar to the one we had just run 20-minutes ago. Yes, we had just done a big circle, yet somehow we managed to find our way back to the car. Phew!

Thursday night was interval training with Stuart, who put us through our paces. Our exercise was 1-min of running, rest, followed by another 1-min run, then rest. When our time was up we ran back the same way for 2-minutes, with an aim of finishing exactly where we began. Amazingly it worked. Each segment was increased to 2-min, 3-min and 4-minutes. After each session, it wasn’t only me puffing like an old billy goat, thankfully!



Today (Saturday) was Rushmere Park Run followed by a 5-mile run, lead by Kevin Ferris. It has to be my favourite parkrun, so far. The course was a little undulating, soft on the foot, but oh so pretty and friendly.

Photo of us all just before the park run.

Rushmere ParkRun 2016

For those with a PB you could tap the ‘gong.’ Helen, Lorraine and myself think we got a PB for running Rushmere for the first time – not sure that counts though, but hey ho, it was fun!


So, after our bit of fun, we head out to Stockgrove Park. Hilly in places, but just a delightful run. Got to chat to other runners, which is always nice, and there was humour, which I love to hear.

We stop half-way round for a pix and a little break. Kevin managed to find a cyclist who took our group photo.

Rushmere Parkrun 2016 September

We set off, and very nearly spooked two riders and horses. Just a wee bit of running on the road, before we hit a dirt-track., some more hills, and then I hear “nearly there.” Before we knew it, we were homeward bound and heading for the big chair for our final photo.

Rushmere ParkRun the chair

Kevin kindly treated us all to ice cream, and then all of a sudden there was a sprint to the cafe. What a nice chap Kevin is, and what a great end to our morning. Thank you everyone, I loved it!

Rushmere Parkrun ice cream treat

“Life is all about finding people, who are your kind of crazy”









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