I’ve just bumped into Glynis Wiles, where I was marshalling for the junior park-run this morning, who asked me “where’s your latest blog” – thanks for the nudge Glynis!

I do wonder at times, how old I’m I, and I’m doing what? Back in September I signed up for the “mummy beast race” in Cranham, Glos. Typical of me signing up blindly, without looking what was involved.

Come race day, I meet up with Anne-Marie who is our trainer and nutritionist for the Women’s Running Magazine. Clare (329), me (327) and Abbey (325). At this point we have no idea what we’re letting ourselves in for.


I was also surprised to find that there were not that many runners, just 28 of us. You’d think that would have been a massive hint. As we set off I was definitely lulled into a sense of false security.  I was so taken in with the stunning countryside, that I hadn’t realised I was running on my own, where was everybody? No runners in front, no runners behind. Have faith I was telling myself and kept going for a while, then I spotted a runner in front. OK I could relax.


I could not get over how beautiful the countryside was. We ran through field of cows, horses and sheep, who seemed quite unperturbed by the runners.


Have you seen on TV the Cheese-Rolling at Coopers Hill, Glos event? If you have you’ll know how scary that hill is – see photo below:


Thankfully I didn’t have to run up that particular part of the hill, but I did attempt to run up the side of it, with not much success. Walking up it wasn’t a breeze either.

I’m now on mile 6, thinking I have just 2-miles to go. I see a sign to go straight ahead, but blindly miss the sign to turn left. After about a mile, I’m thinking this is not right, so I turn back to find the sign, only to find two other runners coming in different directions, who also had gone off course. We take the trail that we had missed, praying it was the right trail.

I eventually cross the finishing line 2-hours and 12-minutes later – distance 10-miles (should have been 7.8-miles) – elevation 1,000-feet.

Bloody hell what an amazing experience!





One thought on “Run_Granma_Run

  1. You’re amazing Steph!!! Congratulations! Looks like it was incredible…..except the hill. That made me want to lie down. 🙂 Keep going!!!!!


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