Goals, Fitness and Challenges!

Looking back on 2015/16, I realise now I did too much too soon. I had one injury after another, and I was starting to think that maybe my body just wasn’t cut out for running at the age of 62.

It never occurred to me that maybe I needed to do other “stuff,” like cross-training. So, 5-months ago I started pool running, took up spinning and yoga, and within a week I could feel the difference.

My body has and is still responding well to the challenges I place on it, my ligaments, tendons, muscles are so much stronger than they were. I feel lighter (nope not lost any weight) and taller, which is helping my running to feel more rhythmic and fluid. I’m also finding I can push myself that little bit further, without feeling I’m about to collapse in a heap on the ground.

When I read about runners in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s achieving their amazing goals, it inspires me to continue with my fitness, to stay strong and have goals to work towards. Last Saturday at the MK ParkRun I got a PB, which I felt really good about. Just knowing that all the hard work I’m putting in, is paying off and that in itself is a great motivator.

Yesterday (Sunday 23rd) was the RR’s Treasure Hunt – absolutely brilliant! It was so much fun, that 7-miles ticked by without us realising it.


L-R Shannon Crawley, Wendy McConnell and Steph Dutton

I have 2-other goals coming up soon – The Bath Hilly-Half in November and the Winter MK Half in December. Fingers crossed that I’m not over-stretching my body in running two half-marathons within 4-weeks of each other. I guess I won’t know until I’ve run my first one.

You know what I’m really loving about my running journey? It’s teaching me so much more of who I am, what I’m made of, and that age is just a number. Who would have thought that getting fit could be so challenging, yet so rewarding.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”


One thought on “Goals, Fitness and Challenges!

  1. You’re my inspiration!!! So glad you are back to running and working out and having fun…. without injuring yourself!


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