My expectation last week was to run the MK Winter Half Marathon with the other Zero to Hero’s. The Wednesday before the event I got an infection, and had no choice,  but to visit the doctor.  She prescribed antibiotics, and oddly enough I didn’t ask her if I could run in the half-marathon, I just assumed I’d be fine. How wrong was I!

On the Friday (2-days into my antibiotics) I ran 3-miles very slowly with my daughter-in-law Carly. If she had said we have another 10-miles, I would have said your own your kiddo, I’m going home.

Come Saturday I knew in my heart of hearts that I wouldn’t be running the half. But, some of the family members were telling me I’d be fine, and I started to believe I would be. So instead of listening to what my body was telling me, I’m now listening to family. Thankfully my mentor had a different take on it and so did my husband.

Pulling out of a race beforehand, is a difficult choice. I kept thinking about all the physical training over the last 6-months and the mental energy that went into that. Before I made my final decision I mulled it over with my husband who simply said ” you’ll do more harm than good.” On that note I pulled out of the race.

Although disappointed, I was not going to let it get to me. I knew the event were looking for extra volunteers. So, the following day I found myself at mile 3 at the water station.

As soon as we heard the runners were on their way, they came through thick and fast. Who would have thought handing out water could be so technical, and manic. There is definitely an art to it, and by the time I mastered it, there were no more runners. Typical!

The good thing about being at the first water station it ends early, so I was able to drive over to mile 9 and 11 to see some of the runners.

It was great seeing the Zero to Hero’s now at mile 9. They looked like they were doing really well, and looked happy. I loved that Sarah braved the puddle.

L-R Phil, Laura, Hannah, Jo, Sean, Sarah, Evie and Natasha.

Although the weather was kind on the day, we’d had plenty of rain the day before. Meaning, there were plenty of puddles to plough through.  Watching the Zero to Hero’s run by me, reminded me of last year’s half-marathon and running through the same puddle, only ours was deeper, longer and colder, well it would be, wouldn’t it!!

I loved also seeing Colin, Rachael,Leyla, Linda, Anne and Alison tackle their journey with such grit  – there is only one word for them, well maybe three; inspiring, determined and fearless!

After all the runners had gone by, we pick up all the water bottles that were thrown on the ground. There were plenty of helpers so it didn’t take long, but it did make me appreciate the volunteers who give up their time in marshalling and handing out water, when I’ve run at events. So, it felt really good that I was able to give something back.

My expectation was to run the half-marathon, instead I got to be a people watcher and  spotted some truly amazing, determined runners on their journey to completing 13.1 miles. That in itself is an awesome achievment!

“Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going next.”


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