The ups and downs of marathon training

Two weeks ago I had a really good week of running, which included a tempo run, interval training and a 13.1 long run on the Sunday. My body felt good, mind positive, I was on a roll. Then Boom, it all comes crashing down one week later. How and why?

Last Sunday I had a 13.5 run, I would say it was one of those runs that I wish I hadn’t started. Right at the beginning  I was questioning whether I should run or not. As usual the head won by repeating “you’ll be fine, get on with it.”

It’s now 6-day’s later and I’m still recovering from that run. Thankfully, this is rest week. But hey I wasn’t planning that I’d be sprawled out on the sofa watching the lunch-time programme Loose Women. I had things to do, like go to work, prepare something nutritions for supper, even house-work. My body however had other plans, like REST.

In hind-sight I think that run was a combination of things; getting very cold the day before from teaching in very cold water, then lack of sleep, not eating well and not feeling 100%. Which all played there part and the  effect it may have had on my running that day.

It has knocked my confidence a bit, mainly because I didn’t expect my body to feel the way it did. Seriously all I wanted to do was eat, lay down and sleep. I was genuinely concerned how tired my body was, and momentarily thinking maybe marathon training is not for me. Yes, I did get to that point! I needed some reassurance so I spoke to Debbie, who put it all into perspective for me. She was so positive and encouraging, which in turn has given me confidence.

We looked at my training programme to see if my rest week should be every 2/3 weeks, which would give my body a chance to recover from the demands of the training. That’s on the assumption that my body needs to rest more. Or maybe it’s a question of putting it down to experience and that I had an off-day because of circumstances. I guess only time will tell.

Apart from last Sunday’s hiccup my marathon training has generally been going well. As the weeks and miles tick by, they are taking me closer to my long-term goal.

Depending on my body I will start training again next week. In the meantime I’m going to relax this Sunday, no alarm, possibly a lie-in and definitely a time to munch on a bacon butty.

Onwards and upwards, right?

“You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got”


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