68-Days Until the MK Marathon

Do I need to panic?  I should have reached 15-miles last Sunday, but it was just too far of a distance for my body at this stage. Although feeling sooo much better, I’m conscious that I don’t want to screw things up by going hell for leather on distance, when I’ve been out of action for 2.5 weeks with fatigue.

I had a very interesting conversation with Nick Anderson  on fatigue. He suggested I get my blood work checked; Ferritin levels, B12, Thyroid and magnesium. When I checked in with the doctor they also added to the list, my liver, kidneys, vitamin d and cholesterol.

Thankfully the results came back normal, so what was the problem? Well according to my doctor I over-stressed my body. Back in December I was quite poorly for approx 3-weeks and was only just recovering, when I started distance running.  In other words I went back to running too soon. Another lesson learned. Since then I’ve been taking it easy, and can actually feel the difference in my energy levels, hooray!

I reintroduced running 2/3 weeks ago, and slowly been increasing my distance. So far, so good.

I took the plunge last Saturday with a fellow zero-to-hero runner Laura and clocked up  9.5-miles. But, we broke up the run by doing a pre-parkrun of 2.5 miles, rested, then ran the 3.1 park run,  rested and then ran 4 miles. Although a hard run for me, it worked perfectly!

Yesterday I ran 3.1 miles, at a quicker pace than I normally do, but it felt sooo good. For the rest of the week I’m going to be sensible and stick to the training plan. Next Sunday, 5th March is the Festival of Running Half Marathon, and I need to be fit for that distance.

I have 68-days left to train for my marathon, doesn’t sound like much does it?  But  I’m feeling a little more positive than I did 4-weeks ago in achieving my goal, so I’ll take the 68-days and run with it.

“Its supposed to be hard, the hard is what makes it great”






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