The Ups and Downs of Marathon Training

Last Sunday we took on the Silverstone Half Marathon Race. Prior to the run, Hannah, James and I (Zero to Hero runners) did a warm-up of 4-miles. We were using Silverstone as a training run, which hopefully would total 17-miles.

on the start line

The first lap of Silverstone Race Track was fun, taking photos of us with the marshalls and getting in the mood. The support from the Redway Runners was awesome.

Come the second and third lap the landscape started to get monotonous. This was supposed to be a fun run, what happened? That dreaded race track (see photo above) was draining the life-force from my legs, and to add insult I could feel blisters developing on my feet. I so wanted to stop, and when I did I got cramp in my feet, arrrr!!! I didn’t know what was worse, walking or running. I continued to run thinking I’d get to the finishing line sooner.

At some point along the way, and to lighten the mood I shouted in the sea of runners “are we there yet?” Somebody replied  “just a mile to go.” The end was in sight. I swear though the nearer I got to it, the further it moved.

That moment I crossed or should I say stumbled across the finishing line was sheer relief. Never again I tell myself.  My fellow runners had a good run though, although James did have a bit of a wobbly at the beginning as he really didn’t feel well, but being a northern lad he braved it out. Hannah was on a high as she really enjoyed her run, even got a PR. She loved Silverstone.

Redway Runners and their medals

I’m 2-days into recovery and definitely don’t feel like running. Maybe tomorrow. The upside of marathon training is a bad run can make you stronger and more determined. The downside is a bad run can be hard on the body, which takes longer to recover. Is the upside then, that the body will also get stronger and adapt to the demands of marathon training?

Yet another experience, a lesson learned and a time to move on and accept that not all runs go my way…


Some runs make you feel invincible. Some runs make you feel defeated. 

Every run makes you stronger.




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