Grit, Determination and Togetherness

That’s what got us through our 18-mile run on Sunday. Hannah left her home and ran 5-miles to meet James, they then ran 2-miles to Woughton on the Green, where Jo and I were eagerly waiting for them.  We then set off to meet Phil along the River Ouse. Phil was running from Caldecotte Lake.

Considering we were all coming in from different areas the plan was beautifully executed.

It was a lovely morning for a run, thankfully! We ran to and around Caldecotte Lake, from there we headed to Willen Lake, ran round both Lakes where Hannah reached her goal of 18-miles. James had another 2/3-miles to go and Phil, Jo and I had 7-miles.

We ran back to Caldecotte Lake said ta ta to Phil, then Jo and I headed back along the River Ouse to Woughton playing fields, through Woughton on the Green then home.

Those last 2/3 miles were hard going, painfully hard to the point where our legs were not attached to our bodies and it felt we were running through treacle. Never have I been so relieved to see home.

Yep, we reached our goal and Jo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I was hanging on to the fence at the time trying to stay upright as I felt quite dizzy. We decided to laugh or maybe it was hysteria.

Jo staggers to her car, and I kind of  fall through the front door. From there my husband helped me into the bin of torture, but on this occasion it was a welcome relief for my weary legs.

Through sheer determination, grit and togetherness we achieved our goal. Thank you guys, it will be a run I won’t forget. Was it worth it? Absolutely – we did it!

Sadly the only photo I have from yesterday is of me in the bin:



If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together – African Proverb




One thought on “Grit, Determination and Togetherness

  1. I’m so impressed! It sounds like you are all running well and enjoying at least most of it. Love the bin of torture!!


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