Week Thirty Five – Every Second Counts

This week was ‘Rest Week’ and after the disasters of last week it was almost welcome and I think, very much needed. I am pretty sure however, if we turned back time a year there is no way I would ever have considered two nine mile runs a rest, how things have changed!

I managed to share one of my restful runs with my comedy counterpart Tweedle, we set the world to rights whilst encompassing two laps of the Monday club run route getting round the first in daylight, a sure sign that spring is on the way! We followed our run with dinner out of a costa coffee cup, an oversized tea and a brilliant Marathon Clinic, we know how to live it up!

Lots of things have kept me away from Parkrun since I last took part in August, a broken foot, lack of childcare, long Sunday runs and actually the fact I don’t like running 5K as fast as I can (yes I am aware I don’t have to run as fast as I can but I am yet to actually pull this off once I get over the start line)! So with a planned lay in tomorrow (the last I expect until May) I decided to brave it!

Conditions would be best described by a five letter word starting with M but as I can’t bring myself to use it let’s just say it was wet, windy and generally pretty grim. After a gentle warm up (tweedle will be so proud) we got down to business with the ‘main event’. Within the first mile I remembered how much I hate the feeling of running hard but managed to remember something Faith had said to be as I was leaving, it’s easy Mummy, just one, two, three and then DONE. This circled round and round in my head as I tried to make my legs carry me along the side of Willen Lake which had decided to imitate the world’s greatest wind tunnel! I stumbled over the finish line with a watch that said PB by 1 second, alas Parkrun had other ideas and according to their clock I was 5 seconds off my PB from August!


Next time Parkrun ….. I’m coming to get you!!




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